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Madeira Maciça Rústica ArboREAL
About Us
Fachada da fábrica ArboREAL

ArboREAL started with the purpose of improving the disposal of the forestry residues, making opportunities of exploitation on the manufacturing of pieces with high quality, exclusivity and environmental commitment. Against the traditional destination of the forest residues, we are looking for, in the manufacturing of our pieces, flourishing the real and organic design that nature created.

Since 2015 the company stands out in the market for developing sophisticated and contemporary furniture, with the premise of valuing what nature has of most beautiful and unique in its pieces. They are singular items of natural design that are distinguished by the originality and refinement, result of the mastery of a thorough and well elaborated technique applied by our master craftsmen while respecting natural wood tracing, texture and the curves.

Understanding that we are responsible for the increments of the sustainable actions in Brazil, we care about the origin of the wooden used for manufactured our pieces, searching for the primary material from sustainable management forests and reforestation. It's essential for us to  know closely the material used. In addition to having the technical certificate of IBAMA, all material is responsibly chosen, following the obtaining process, all the way from the removal to the arrival of forest residues, ensuring sustainability throughout the production.

Buying an ArboREAL piece, you are ensuring a much more nobel destiny for this product, once, considered disposal for the industry.

With this, we can created pieces with extreme authenticity and we can reduce the environmental impact in the world, with awareness and preservation of our environment.

All fo this is taken care to ensure that the customer choose their materials safely and have greater satisfaction with the defined project. No matter what the furniture, it is possible to customize all the stages of the manufacture: the design, the accessories used, the geometry of the piece and the finishing. The products vary between tables, benches, side tables and eco fireplaces, in contemporary lines, with refined and bold features, which give the environment an exquisite and yet cozy style.

Until now, more than two thousand pieces have been delivered to the national and foreign markets. The making process maintains artisan procedures, valuing the knowledge and the manual skills of its employees, which is constantly updated. By designing the creation of innovative pieces, ArboREAL invests in the research of new techniques and new resources, in order to improve the quality of the offered services.

”We love the Live Edge style , where the exuberance of the wooden stands out with natural curves, among contemporary cuts . This is not rustic. It is ArboREAL.”


Showroom and Sales

Our sales are in three different ways :

  • Internet: sales of the pieces  for immediate delivery


  • Atelier: In the city of Salto – São Paulo, we have a exposition, where is possible to see closely our products and know our work.

  • Custom projects: developed according to the customer, exclusive products respecting what every primary material can offer.

Delivered worldwide. Ask for a export quotation.

Regions already served by ArboREAL in Brazil
  • All national territory with more than 2500 pieces;
  • Presence in more than 5 countries;
ArboREAL Móveis Rústicos em Madeira Maciça

Phone: +1  (877)  214-2397 | | Local office: 201 | S. Biscayne Blvd | STE 1200, Miami, FL | USA

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