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Curved Tables

The ArboREAL Curved Table is the favorite one of our clients. Sculpted by our master craftsmen, it has a unique design, turning your enviroment exclusive and make you feeling to close of nature, at home or in your office. 

The Curved Tables are made with hardwood blocks and the legs can be made with Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Corten Steel, Wood or Acrylic. 

ArboREAL Curved Tables at Casa Brasil NY 2022

Other Enviroments with ArboREAL Curved Tables

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Buy this Curved Table


U$ 9,800.00

This Curved Table it's exposed in 477 Broadway/52 Mercer, New York City, NY 10013 - USA at Casa Brasil NY 2022 event and it should to be removed on May 25th.


Exclusive product! 


Wood: Pequiá

Length: 107"

Width: 35"

Heigth: 29"


Leg: Black Carbon Steel

The delivery process is costumer responsability.

ArboREAL typically recommends at least 23” (60cm) per person for tradicional boards. The curved table specifically needs 15” (40cm) just for the natural curve! We can produce table tops that can reach 236" (6 meters) and support up to 20 people!

The custom-made furniture request should by call in +1 (877) 214-2397 or by email to

The usual delivery time for in-stock products is twenty days. For made-to-order furniture is 45 days.

FOB price - Santos Port/BR by ship or Viracopos/BR by plane.

Get a Curved Table quotation 

Thank you! We will send you a quotation soon..


Phone: +1  (877)  214-2397 | | Local office: 201 | S. Biscayne Blvd | STE 1200, Miami, FL | USA

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