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ArboREAL Móveis Rústicos em Madeira Maciça

Natural natural materials always generate doubts about origin, maintenance, warranty, etc.


That's why we created this list to help you clarify all your questions.

1. What is the origin of the wood?

Our main material is solid wood of sustainable forest management, certified by IBAMA, nº 6447757, cooperating for the development and growth of nature without damaging it. Did you know that most of the material we use is considered garbage for the traditional wood industry? Here cracks, organic, knots and roots are the highlight of the piece!


2. How the waranty works?

Beeing a natural material, it is normal that during the process of ripening of solid wood, variations in size, shade, texture and microcracks occur, which are intrinsic to the product and are not considered a defect. Our products have a 5-year warranty against warpage that exceeds 2cm of unevenness, cracks that reach 20% of the length of the piece, leg paint and insect damage.

3. Do you export?

We do worldwide shipping! Ask for a export quoatation.

4. Where can I see the products?

You are very welcome to visit our concept store in São Paulo click here to access our address and location on the map.

5. Do you make custom pieces and designs?

We make customized pieces, with size, legs and style that you wish. We also make projects according to the specifications of your architect.

6. Can pieces be exposed to weather?

Our products are made with high quality and resistant wood that can remain exposed to the weather, but their maintenance should be done more frequently, once a month.

7. What kind of finish do the products receive?

Our products are finished with imported high-tech oil, which saturates the fibers of the wood and prevents them from staining or absorbing liquids, as well as giving a natural and velvety finish to the wood. If you prefer lacquer, for example, we also make the application. In addition all the pieces undergo a treatment to inhibit that insects to damage it.

8. How is maintanance?

All steps of maintenance are described in the manual sent along with the product, in case you have lost your manual.

9. Is there a maintenance kit?

Yes, in addition to the product conservation manual we give the option to purchase maintenance oil, a 200ml package that yields from 3 to 4 uses, so that you can perform the maintenance in your own residence, it is very simple to perform.

10. My house is not ready yet, can I reserve the raw material I liked to make the product later?

Of course, beeing a natural material each piece is unique and we can reserve it to be produced when you need it, just make a deposit of 10% of the value of the piece.

11. What is the thickness of the table top?

Most of our table tops are 7cm thick. If you want a different thickness we can check our stock and our supplier.

12. How long it takes to manufacture?

The average manufacturing time is 20 working days.

13. I want a piece with detail in glass, do you have color for me to choose?

We have the options of colorless or green glass, both tempered for your safety.

14. I want a table with a full glass top, do you provide the glass?

We do not provide glass tops.



Phone: (+55 11) 3641-1171 | | Adress: Av. Imperatriz Leopoldina, 1042, São Paulo/SP, Brazil

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